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Synthesis2 is a full-relfex canopy for beginner and fun pilots. Due to its stability can be also used for basic PPG training. For those, who most of all need a safe paraglider.

For those, who appreciate easy launch and steering. Speed enthusiasts will be happy too – Synthesis2 keeps the pace with sport wings. If you are looking for a paraglider that is safe, universal, fast and user friendly – look no more. This is a synthesis of all these traits.


We’ve been working on the second version of Synthesis for a very long time. We’ve considered several ideas of this wing evolution. There were prototypes with better lift, better agility and many other assets, at times modifying the character of the wing so much that it was not a Synthesis any more…. Finally we’ve decided to implement in Synthesis2 very similar solutions that changed the Nucleon into Nucleon WRC (FET technology, riser improvements, modern ballooning etc.).  Nevertheless we’ve kept the uncompromising, legendary stability of the Synthesis on the same, highest possible level, adding easier launch and better performance, resulting from introducing leading edge stiffeners as well as a lot of lesser yet important details.

Synthesis2 has fully reflex profile in all configurations of trimmers and speed system. We put special care to shaping cells in accelerated mode, being forced to use completely new design philosophy in that matter.

Right connections between mylar reinforcements and synthetic rods makes the inflation easier and the leading edge stiffer.

Another novelty is modified ALC+ system (new version of the ALC steering, with a handle and balls) – it is more efficient and operates proportionally, leaving impression of smoother handling.

Target Group:

From beginners to advanced fun flyers. Canopy is suited for basic training too. It will be a perfect match for a trike.

Synthesis 2 Technologies

Design Solutions:

FET – Flexi Edge Technology

Design of the Synthesis 2 employs Dudek Flexi Egde technology. The leading egde is closed to the airflow, and its precise shape is guarded by reinforcements of laminated cloth with additionally applied synthetic rods. The result is distinct improvement of launch characteristics and protection against collapses at high speeds.

CSG – Canopy Shape Guard

The canopy body was designed under our CSG (Canopy Shape Guard) system, combining a number of subsystems resulting in exceptional coherence and stability of the shape. Such design ensures a smooth top surface, exact aerofoil reproduction across the entire wingspan, better load distribution and yet more importantly, minimal number of suspension points.
The lower surface has a RSS (Reinforcing Strap System) applied in the wing’s interior. RSS is an ballooning-independent reinforcements system made entirely of paragliding fabric, stiffening and
stabilizing entire canopy structure.

CSG in general guards three key factors :

  • keeps the shape of the canopy as close as possible to that developed by the designer and makes sure the loads remain evenly distributed. Careless approach here would result in irregular surfaces with bumps and swells.
  • CSG stabilizes canopy shape in flight. No pilots likes his paralgider to behave like an accordion, especially as this really damages the performance.
  • CSG increases the life of the paraglider too. Advanced designs pay for their performance with bigger loads and stresses, resulting in relatively fast appearing deformations – the most dangerous are those visible as folds on the upper surface, running between lne rows along the wingspan. In Synthesis possibility of such deformations was practically removed.

DRA – Dudek Reflex Airfoil

The aerofoil of the Synthesis2 is based on DRA (Dudek Reflex Airfoil) technology, gathering many years of research and experience with our previous designs.

Laser Technology

All paragliders or now manufactured in this modern technology, using precise laser cutter. The entire production process takes place in our own facilities in Poland, under strict personal supervision of the designer, resulting in highest European quality.


Upper surface features Dominico Tex cloth of 41 g/m2.
Lower surface is made of similar cloth, 34 g/m2.
Ribs are made of Dominico Tex 41 Hard.
Reinforcements and leading edge use SR-Scrim cloth of Porcher company.


All suspension lines have coloured polyester sheath covering inner core. Due to low number of lines we made sure they are strong enough, applying brown Technora core. In this way we combine strength of the lines with their high resistance to stretching.

Metal Parts

All quicklinks joinig the suspension lines to the risers are made of polished stainless steel with excellent strength, durability and corrosion resistance. We use exclusively the attested quicklinks of Peguet company.

ACS – Auto Cleaning Slots

Dedicated slots automatically removing dirt from the wing tips.


Synthesis2 has four-way risers, featuring:

  • ALC+ allows for aggressive turns even at full speed without excessive alteration of the reflex airfoil. There is a dedicate dsteering toggle with red balls, mounted with magnets preventing it from tangling on take-off. It can be grabbed in various positions, does not require an adjustment.
  • SCT (Sport Comfort Toggle) or TCT (Triple Comfort Toggle) – at your choice. Both kinds are available as standard or short (smaller loop) versions. Toggles are fixed to risers with Easy Keeper system
  • ELR (Easy Launch Riser) system. A specially marked A riser (yellow cover)
  • TEA (Torque Effect Adjuster) – counteracts the effect of engine torque which tends to make the paraglider turn in the direction opposite to the propeller’s rotation. Moreover, you can use it for steering even at full speed, without disturbing the reflex aerofoil
  • Speed system affecting the A, B and C risers, featuring ball-beared pulleys and a special cord
  • Trimmers with distinguished red trimmer tape, featuring dedicated scale
  • Several mounts for steering pulleys various, used in correlation with suspension height

On Delivery You Will Receive

  • Moto Bag (backpack with removable quickpack))
  • Transport bag with compression strap.
  • comfortable Easy Catch speedbar
  • etui with paperwork and repair kit (sels-adhesive cloth, spare line)
  • windsock or a ribbon
  • small gifts

Total worth of these additional items adds to ca. 150 EUR.

When ordering the canopy please state your propeller turn (looking from behind to flight direction) and hangpoint (low or high). Knowing these parameter we will preconfigure your risers.

When no informaiton is given, we will prepare the paraglider for low hangpoints (ALC and steering lines) and clockwise propeller (TEA). Changing this is possible at any time and relatively easy.

Size 23 26 29 32
Cell number 50 50 50 50
Surface area flat [m2] 23.00 26.00 29.00 32.00
Surface area projected [m2] 19.84 22.43 25.02 27.60
Wingspan flat [m] 10.83 11.52 12.16 12.77
Wingspan projected [m] 8.71 9,26 9,78 10,28
Aspect ratio flat 5,10
Aspect ratio projected 3,83
Sink [m/s] min = 1,2; trim= 1,4-2,2; max = 3,5
Speed [km/h] min = 23; trim = 37-49; max = 61
Longest chord [cm] 262,84 279,44 295,14 310
Shortest chord [cm] 57,83 57,83 64,93 68,2
Lines length (incl. risers) [m] 6,83 7,26 7,67 8,05
Total lines length [m] 352,4 374,08 395,73 415,7
Take-off weight*  DGAC [kg] 60-90 75-115 95-140 115-170
Load test (at 8G) [kg]        
Canopy weight in LT version [kg]   6,7 7,3 7,9
Lines Technora 1,2 & 1,3 & 1,5 & 1,8 & 2,3
Cloth   Dominico tex 41 g/m2
SkyTex Hard 40 g/m2
SR Scrim, SR Laminate 180 g/m2



Risers Pasamon – Bydgoszcz, Polska