Sky Z-Blade Reflex Wing
Sky Z-Blade Reflex Wing
Sky Z-Blade Reflex Wing
Sky Z-Blade Reflex Wing
Sky Z-Blade Reflex Wing
Sky Z-Blade Reflex Wing
Sky Z-Blade Reflex Wing

Sky Z-Blade Reflex Wing

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Sometimes it is not enough to fly within the boundaries.  Sometimes the urge to push the limits is very strong. If you have to, then you really have to give it a try. And here we come with Z-BLADE, the Game Changer… to the bone! Z-BLADE – the freestyle & racing, a wing with spirit!

Z- BLADE is a dynamic PPG wing that moves your horizons and pushes your limits. Z-BLADE is the performance, enjoyment and technological treasure that brings your flying to a totally new level.


Z-BLADE features SAFS (Skyflex Active Foil System) design that provides stability even if the brakes are applied at any range of speed. Our SAFS reflex foil design enables Z-BLADE to possess the highest safety levels and wing profile sturdiness to ensure you will enjoy the performance in the very best and safest way.

Z-BLADE speed system and trimmers are designed to guarantee the stability of the wing profile in all the speed ranges and configurations.

A “PK System” is added to Z-BLADE risers to improve the behavior in the dynamic turns (for pylon racing, freestyle or just the fun of it). They offer the possibility to accelerate and release the trimmer in a single movement, just by pushing the speed bar.

Z-BLADE is DGAC certified and aimed to the racing, freestyler or expert PPG pilot target.

Z-BLADE is for those pilots who are looking for a reflex wing that can be flown dynamically and fast, with the capability to offer precision and fun, keeping efficiency and manageability in take-off and landing speeds.

Key features:

  • SAFS profile to provide pilots with maximum stability,
  • reinforced composite leading edge for easy take off and improved performance,
  • new risers with PK system for extra fun when flying,
  • large speed range to manage in many difficult conditions,
  • high max speed that will help in the racing or freestyle,
  • tip steering for precession.

Package includes:

  • inner bag
  • repair tape and multi tool
  • SKY USB flash stick manual