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If the EPIC 2 is for living the good life, the EPIC 2 MOTOR is for the crazy life, la vida loca. It’s fun on steroids! It’s a Hybrid wing, which means you can fly it with a motor or without. The only difference is the riser set. The MOTOR version is delivered with our paramotor risers which have an efficient trimmer system with a wide speed range for cruising comfortably under power. Close the trimmers and it’s EN B certified and can be taken free-flying. The EPIC 2 MOTOR is ready for all kinds of flying fun, whatever floats your boat and makes you shout, “EPIIIIIC!”


The EPIC 2 MOTOR is for flight addicts who like to mix things up, and play in the air all ways. Fire up the motor at sunrise for an early morning spin, then go thermalling when the day gets going. Its easy and safe, suitable for intermediate pilots, but the agile handling adds a big fun factor. The feel is all BGD, and it’s even up for waggas and freestyle if you are. Motor-heads, thermal-seekers and freestylers … this is for you!


With its modest aspect ratio of 5, the EPIC 2 MOTOR strikes the perfect balance between safety and performance. It is made from high quality 38g/m2 and 40g/m2 Porcher cloths, and has easy-handling webbing risers and smooth-running trimmers. It all makes for a robust and easy-to-manage package. Stress-free, the way we like it!

We worked hard to get the launch characteristics of the EPIC 2 MOTOR just right, because no-one likes to struggle in a field with a motor on their back. We think you’ll find the EPIC 2 MOTOR reassuringly easy to launch.

In the air the brake controls are nice and direct, and good feedback encourages active flying so you’ll get the most out of your wing. Like all our wings, it has Progressive Stability: we’ve designed it so that the central section is very resistant to collapses, and it gets progressively less so towards the tips. If you’re surprised by turbulence, a harmless tip-tuck will alert you to conditions and you can react appropriately.

*The EPIC 2 MOTOR is DCAG certified for paramotoring with the trimmers In any positions; it is EN-B certified for free flight only with the trimmers closed.